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Cougar Academic Achievement Recognized at Year's First Awards Assembly

Awards assembly



The Dell City School and Dell City community came together Wednesday, Sept. 15, for our fall Open House – and the event kicked off with an" awards assembly, honoring Cougar achievement in the classroom during the first six-week period of the new school year.


Award recipients included:


Among Ms. Rangel's 3-year-old pre-K students: Nana Boakye, with the “Busy Bee”" award; Aaliyah Estrada, with the “Survivor" award; Jocelyn Estrada, with the “Super Star Smile" award; Emmett Gage, with the “Survivor" award; Reagan Watts, with the “Friendliest" award; and Riley Watts, with the “Tortoise and the Hare" award


In Ms. Espinoza's 4-year-old pre-K class: Morgan Crabb, with the “Most Improved" award; Mia Medina, with the “Most Improved" award; Thomas Merritt, with the the “Handy Helper" and “Most Improved" awards; and Lily Rector, with the “Most Improved" award.


In our kindergarten class, led by Ms. Espinoza: Rickayla Hanshaw, with the “Most Improved" award; Luna McCray, with the “Citizenship" and “Most Improved" awards; Matthew Rangel, with the “Handy Helper" award; Carlos Salazar, with the “Handy Helper" award; and Hunter Watts, with the “Citizenship" and “Most Improved" awards.


In Ms. McCray's first-grade class: Makenzie Alvord, for A Honor Roll, and Magdalena Coto, for A Honor Roll.


In Ms. McCray's second-grade class: Devlynn Baldwin, for A Honor Roll; Max Calderon Murray, for A-B Honor Roll; and Cristhian Medina, for A Honor Roll.


In Mrs. Beltran's third-grade class: Everett Tate, for A-B Honor Roll, and Mia Garcia-Estrada, for perfect attendance.


In Mrs. Beltran's fourth-grade class: Austin Kurz, for A-B Honor Roll, and Zachary Kurz, for A-B Honor Roll.


Among Mrs. VanVoorhis' fifth-grade students: Emmett Muise, for A Honor Roll.


In Mrs. VanVoorhis' sixth-grade class: Aurora Bell, for A-B Honor Roll and perfect attendance; and Texana Scarbrough, for A Honor Roll.


In Mrs. Czubinski's seventh-grade class: McKenna Crabb, for A Honor Roll; Cassidy Hale, for A-B Honor Roll; and Kinsey Tate, for A-B Honor Roll.\


Among Mrs. Ski's eight-grade students: Brandon Crabb, for A-B Honor Roll and perfect attendance; Nicole Martos, for A-B Honor Roll; Rhiannon Muise, for A Honor Roll; and Axel Sotelo, for perfect attendance.


And among our high-schoolers, Ag Teacher and FFA leader Mr. Edens presented awards to: Jose Acosta, for the “Creed Speaking” and “Outstanding Leadership" awards; Iris Ayala, for the “Outstanding Leadership" award and A-B Honor Roll; Luis Ayala, for A-B Honor Roll; Reyes Espinoza, with the “Outstanding Leadership" award; Orlando Fuentes, with the “Outstanding Leadership" award; and Esteban Morales, for A Honor Roll.


Congratulations, Cougars, and let's keep up the good work in the next six-week period!


Awards assembly