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Summer Strength/ Conditioning Program Launches Monday (June 8) at Dell City School

The coronavirus pandemic cut short spring sports and prevented Cougar students from participating in organized athletics for months – but now the Dell City School is preparing to host a “Summer Strength and Conditioning Program.” Texas UIL recently opened the door to these summer programs, which include restrictions for safeguarding health. 


For Dell City-area youth looking for a summer activity, and for their families, it's a great opportunity. 


Cougar Athletics Director Joe Czubinski is launching the program, with support from Supt. Ruben Cervantes. Coach Ski said that he's excited about the undertaking – “especially after the very long period of inactivity” – and that he hopes for strong student participation. The program runs June 8 through July 3, each weekday from 10 a.m. to noon. It's open to students who will be in grades seven through 12 next year.


“I just want to give these students a chance to get out of their houses and get active again,” Coach Ski said. “We hope this will generate interest back into school athletics and get them eager and excited for the upcoming year.”


Participants will meet Monday, June 8, at 10 a.m. in Cougar Gym “to go over rules and regulations that we will follow for the duration of the program,” Coach Ski said. UIL has issued extensive guidelines designed to minimize coronavirus risks from the summer programs. 


The school will issue workout clothes to students – but students are not allowed to use school locker rooms, so should come dressed in their own workout clothes the first day.


Use of school showers is prohibited, and while the school will issue towels to students who need them, no laundry or washing of students' workout clothes or towels will be done at school. Students will be responsible for laundering their workout clothes and towels at home.


The school is prohibited from providing water or other beverages to students, or using coolers during the program. Students should bring their own water or other beverages to workout sessions.


Workout equipment – the weight room, balls, sleds and other items – will be wiped down and sanitized every day, to prevent the spread of any possible contagion, Coach Ski said.


The full UIL guidelines for 2020 Summer Strength/ Conditioning Programs are found below. 


The weekday programs will include general workouts, and some “sports-specific” activities. It will be a fun and healthy way for students to connect, and stay active during summer break. A big thanks to Coach Ski for launching this program!


UIL 2020 Summer Program Guidelines