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Timothy McCray to Join Dell City School Board

The Dell City ISD school board will soon have a new member. Timothy McCray was appointed at the Jan. 16 school board meeting, and he will be sworn in, and join the other trustees, at the board's February meeting.


In comments to the school board, Principal Carlos A. Contreras said McCray has demonstrated a commitment to the school, regularly volunteering to help with events and projects, including coming in during the recent holidays to do help paint the campus. Contreras said that he and Supt. Ruben Cervantes were fully confident that McCray – who has two children attending the Dell City School – would be a valuable addition to the school board. McCray's appointment was made by a unanimous vote.


“He's always eager to support the district,” Contreras said. “He attends games and events. He's happy to help with anything we ask for. He's interested and involved.”


McCray stepped up to fill a seat that had been vacant for more than a year. His position, as well as that of several other board members, will go before voters in May. McCray's wife, Elsa, is a school employee, and McCray will have to abstain from any votes involving his wife.


Thank you, Mr. McCray, for serving this community, and volunteering for this difficult and important job!