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“Guardian” Program Goes into Effect at Dell City School

The “school guardian” program – in which several district staffers carry concealed firearms, to deter, or respond to, a mass shooting – is now in effect at Dell City ISD.


In comments to the Dell City school board at their March 28 meeting, Supt. Ruben Cervantes said the staffers selected for the program have all successfully completed a DPS course for concealed-weapon certification. The district intends to keep the identity of the guardians secret. Those staffers are now carrying concealed firearms at school.


School officials began considering the guardian program last September, after a presentation from local DPS Trooper Mike Schulze. A school shooting might seem unimaginable in a small, close-knit community like Dell City. But Schulze said that, in the wake of several mass shootings in Texas, state officials were urging all districts to develop safety plans. And he noted that while mass shootings are typically “over in five to eight minutes,” the response time for a law officer in Dell City can be 30 minutes or more. School officials viewed the guardian plan – of training and arming staffers – as a more affordable option than hiring a law-enforcement officer or school marshal.


Almost half of the school's staff volunteered for the program. Administrators selected several staffers. Cervantes said the guardians will continue to receive training in the months and years to come.


Cervantes also said the district plans to place signage outside the school, indicating that armed guardians are present on campus, as a way of deterring “someone who might want to do harm,” he said.