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Dell City ISD to Sell Surplus Property in “Garage Sale” Style Event

The Dell City School will soon be selling off surplus property in a garage-sale style event. A date for the event has not been set, but the Dell City school board gave its seal of approval to the sale at an Oct. 25 meeting.


The building that formerly housed Dell City elementary has for years been used for storage. As the go-to place for every kind of item, school staff have long referred to it as “Walmart.” Previous school administrators have proposed selling off the surplus goods. Supt. Ruben Cervantes and Principal Carlos Contreras say the school badly needs the space now – for after-school activities, tutoring and other uses – and that now is the time to clean it out.


“We have to clean it up,” Cervantes said. “The can gets kicked down the road – but if we don't do it, who will?”


The school board approved the direct sale of surplus items in a unanimous vote.


Everything from furniture to exercise equipment and old electronics are stored in the building. School staff were going through the building this week, marking things to be kept by the district, and things to be sold. When the “garage sale” takes place, everything will be sold as-is.


Look for an update soon on the date of the sale.