• We are the HEART of the community!

    Located in far west Texas, the District serves many functions beyond the primary mission of educating our children – we are truly the social, recreational and cultural foundation of this rural farming community.  At Dell City ISD, we recognize and understand the challenges of rural schools, but we focus on the advantages that our educators have over urban counterparts:

    • Administrators take an active role and are readily accessible.
    • Children’s needs are easier to identify because of smaller class sizes.
    • Opportunities to think and teach outside of the box and empower young minds are boundless, even when resources are limited.

    Our students are clean-cut, respectful, engaged and eager to learn. They see the advantages of rural life and make the most of the opportunities afforded to them. In today’s world, businesses are hard pressed to hire and retain innovative leaders with fresh perspectives, in fact, most are having to develop them on the fly. Throughout its existence our District has prided itself in molding the raw leadership abilities of our students both horizontally and vertically.

    Our focus is on assessing the needs of and pioneering progress for “every student, each and every day.” It all begins with the dynamic leadership skills of our educators and staff. The District implements staff development practices that broaden and heighten perspective in order to rise above chaos, see order in it, analyze interdependencies, and more completely understand the motivations and needs of our students, parents and community.