• The Mike Steffen Scholarship Fund


    The Mike Steffen Scholarship Fund

    This scholarship was established by NHC-EMS Inc., following the tragic death of Mike Steffen. Mike made his mark on many lives by the countless contributions he made to his community. He made a difference in his community by becoming an Emergency Care Attendant. Mike was one of the leaders that helped spearhead the creation of the EMS service in 2008 for Dell City, Texas, which as time has gone by, increased coverage to Sierra Blanca, Texas and surrounding areas. In more recent time Mike became the President of NHC-EMS INC., and was one of the key individuals in organizing a successful vote to form an Emergency Service District in Northern Hudspeth County. In addition, he was also a Texas Ambulance Strike Team leader, and active with BorderRac activities. On March 12, 2012 Mike was tragically killed doing what he loved, responding and helping others. Proceeding his death the Board of Directors have opted to create the Mike Steffen Scholarship Fund. The fund was created to allow Hudspeth County high school graduates to pursue their passion in the medical field.

    Mission Statement

    "To create opportunity and funding for people that have a passion to help others."


    This fund will provide scholarship funding in the amount of $500-$1,000 to pursue an education in any medical field, preferably pre-hospital care. Applicants must be at least 17 years of age. Current or recent graduated high school or college students must have maintained a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above in high school or college to apply for this scholarship. All applicants must submit an application and essay of no more than one page as to "Why you want to pursue an education in the medical field and/or pre-hospital field and why you are choosing this field as a career." Applicants must have volunteered for at least 40 hours in the field in which they are selecting to further their education or in any other medical field. Deadline for application is April 25th (New Date!), prior to graduation from high school.

    Note: Depending on funding this scholarship may not be available every year.

    Mike Steffen Scholarship Program Information

    The Mike Steffen Scholarship Fund, through the support of its member organizations, industry partners, valued contributors and other fund raising programs are given the ability to offer funding to Hudspeth County graduates from high school and college interested in pursuing a career any medical field.

    Scholarships may be provided for initial EMT-Basic and EMT-Paramedic programs. You may obtain a scholarship application from your local high school or Administrator for Northern Hudspeth County EMS.

    • Applicants must submit a complete, accurate and legible Mike Steffen Scholarship Application by the stated deadline, along with letters of recommendation from your employer and/or high school. Late, incomplete or illegible applications willnotbe considered. Deadline March 15.

    • Applicants must answer questions listed on application on a separate sheet of paper. If applicant is receiving other scholarships and grants, the information must be disclosed on the application.

    • Scholarships may be awarded for training programs beginning in the Spring or Fall Semester, and may be used throughout the program for multiple semester courses.

    • Scholarships are awarded in the amount of $500-$1,000.

    • Scholarship payments are made directly to the educational institution for expenses incurred for uniforms, books and tuition only, therefore the institution must submit an invoice to Mike Steffen Scholarship Fund, NHC-EMS Inc., PO BOX 594, Dell City, Texas 79837, for payment.

    • Recipients must begin the educational programs and begin accessing the scholarship in the award period for which it is applied.

    • Recipients that withdraw or discontinue the courses mid-term must refund scholarship funds to the Mike Steffen Scholarship Fund. This includes any termination of the course whether by student or the educational institution. Scholarship refunds will be accepted by payment in full, or by 10% monthly payments.

    • Scholarship recipients must maintain passing grades and remain in good standing throughout the course of study. Proof of grades and good standing in the program may be required prior to scholarship disbursements.

    • Recipients must seek certification by testing upon completion of their EMT-B, EMT-Paramedic program.

    • Recipients must provide follow up information and respond to The Mike Steffen Scholarship Fund pertaining to their education and career.

    • Recipients must sign a promissory note for the education loan, agreeing to these scholarship requirements. The scholarship becomes a repayable loan if the student defaults on the scholarship terms.

    • Deadline for application is March 15,prior to graduation from high school.

    Thank you for your interest in The Mike Steffen Scholarship Fund. If you would like more information or to make a donation, please contact Glennda Merritt-Alcorn, Administrator for Northern Hudspeth County EMS.

    (915) 964-2529 Office

    (432) 940-7349 Cell

    e-mail: glennda5@dellcity.com